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Natural hair care

By Ingrida Urbonaite and Monika Urbonaite

We girls have our hair care routines, which can generally be very different. It of course depends on the type of your hair. Some like to invest a lot of time and money and the other ones (that would be both of us) don’t have time for it all and just try to keep it short and simple. Something else crucial is to keep the routine natural and as chemical free a possible.

MU: My hair has natural locks, which sound like fun, but in reality it cost me a lot of nerves when they were longer. At some point I just decided to cut them because it was taking way too much time. Now I’m growing them back because of my experience with essential oils. It helps me keep my hair in shape all the time. I’ve reached the point when I wake up and don’t even have to check them in the mirror before I go out. Sounds too good to be true but it actually works for me. My first rule is – never use a hairdryer (even in winter).

IU: Completely agree to no hairdryer rule if I’m going for a messy a little curly a lot of volume looks but I do use it just a bit if I feel like having straight hair. I’d rub a few drops of lavender and massage a few drops of lemon before drying.

MU: My second rule – I use DIY hair mask from 2 simple ingredients Coconut oil and 5-10 drops of essential oil 2 to 4 times a month. It’s easier to apply the oils on if the hair is wet so I just touch it with some water before applying it and keep the mask on depending on the situation from 2 to 24 hours. Afterwards I just wash my hair and let it dry naturally. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to put the mask on and it can stay on your hair as long as you want. Fast and simple method which always works if you need your hare to look spectacular for some special event and don’t want to stay hours standing before the mirror… I hate that.

IU: Sometimes I like keeping it on for a couple of days – coconut and lavender is a fantastic combo during the beach holiday.

MU: My favorite combination for the mask is Rosemary and Lemon, which also gives you an energizing effect as well as could be effective dealing with hair loss but also try switching it around with Tea Tree + Orange, Lemon + Sage, Bergamot + Lavender.

IU: Yes! Experiment with different oils. Sage + Lemon is my absolute favorite but then I tend to add lemon to any combination I make, seems like it brings out the highlights. I never dyed my hair but I noticed putting a few drops of it especially in the summer makes my hair look a few shades lighter and shinier.

Also, a great way of choosing a combination for a hair mask is thinking about effect the oil has on the hair as well as the emotional state. For example I’d go for lavender in the evening to calm me down before sleep and rosemary or sage in the morning if I needed to concentrate. Double dip!

IMU: What do you do? We would love to hear more about your experiences, recipes and ideas! So leave a comment below and take good care of your precious hair!

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