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Aroma  Life  Institute

unites likeminded people, passionate about spreading the word of the power of essential oils and their ability to improve the quality of life, provide energy and health for the body and harmony for the soul.


It is a school of lifestyle. We provide the knowledge and teach the practical skills that help one grow while integrating essential oils into personal and family practices and everyday rituals.


Everyone who shares our values and goals is welcome to become a member. We are open for communication and willing to collaborate.

Our passion

Sharing our experience in using essential oils

Our challenge

Rediscover aromatherapy,

the wisdom of the past

Our goal

A healthy, balanced, happy and active person through the unity of healthy diet, physical activity, meditation and the power of essential oils.

Mira Urboniene

Mira Urboniene is a wellbeing advocate, lector, entrepreneur, an actress and creator of multiple brand identities.  All these various roles and passion for Essential Oils and Communication help her to inspire people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. She believes that by simply supporting and strengthening the body with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, one can improve the quality of life and find both a mental and physical balance in life.  She also believes that it is all about lifestyle, once we start enjoying the process and start doing everything we do with love and smile; the body will take care of itself. Mira’s idea to create Aroma Life Institute was based on a desire to share our knowledge and enthusiasm among everyone who aspires growth regardless of borders and languages.

Saulius Urbonas

Saulius Urbonas – health enthusiast, lector, director, actor, entrepreneur, consultant for TV shows and publications, a creator of original health and personal development systems. Conducts courses, seminars, lectures and works with individual clients.    For many years now Saulius is interested in holistic approach towards heath, studies the effect of herbal medicine and aromatherapy towards the well being and applies it in practice. He is also a physiological and psychological conditioning practitioner for over 30 years and he has been focusing in coaching personal development individually for the last 7 of them in various European counties.

Ausra Taletiene

Ausra Taletiene graduated from Vilnius University with major in biology. After graduation she worked at Institute of Botanics of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.  Ausra has 20 years experience in pharmaceutics, where she gained the pharmacological knowledge in areas of psychiatry, endocrinology, and urology. During the years of 2002-2003, she completed studies at Vilnius University International Business School. After several years she realised one more desire by completing the studies of psychology at the Academy of Psychology.

Few years ago Ausra got interested in aromatherapy, particularly in the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Knowledge of aromatherapy she deepens by participating at  the International scientific events; in years 2015 – 2016 visited aromatic plant farms in Croatia and  France. She educates people as a lecturer at aromatherapy conferences in Lithuania and abroad. Ausra is a certified Raindrop massage practitioner. Ausra’s family is also interested in essential oils therapy. She is lucky for rapidly growing number of people who want to try inexhaustible natural gifts. Lives in Vilnius, in a nice place surrounded by a pine forest.  Living in nature helps her to liberate mind and body, enjoy different scents, and meditate. Ausra Taletiene –a biologist and ecologist graduated from Vilnius University, psychology alumni. Ausra has 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutic industry, specialising in psychiatry. An aromatherapy practitioner and a lector.

Elona Rozenbergiene

Elona Rozenbergiene is a pedagogue by heart and diploma. Once she felt the great power and energy that comes from essential oils to the body and soul Elona started sharing this way of living with other people not only in Europe but over the Atlantic as well. Soon this passion became her new path in life that she could not imagine herself without. Elona has more than 20 years’ experience in independent business hence is great motivational speaker and organiser of many events and projects.

Alyona Pavlukovich

Alyona Pavlukovich is a family consultant, who uses in her practice a knowledge of Vedic astrology, psychology and Ayurveda. About 20 years she corrects mental state of her clients applying essential oils. Education in aromatherapy she got from Russian and English specialists. Alyona is a member of Latvian association of aromatherapists. Has an education in sphere of “Aromatherapy and aroma diagnostics”. Her passion is sacral properties of essential oils. She leads huge educational activity, writes reports, holds seminars  in different countries, records author’s webinars and educational programs. Alyona is a leader of family constellations and certified yoga therapist of an  ” Human health academy”. Confident in the power of human mind, saying that our happiness, luck and well-being depends on our minds and our nervous system. Absolutely in love, with what she does. Considers that her work is a place of mental growth and development.

Roberta Bulotaite

Roberta Bulotaite – an aromatherapy specialist, certified RAINDROP massage practitioner,a physical activity and healthy lifestyle promoter. The main field of specialization is the integration of aromatherapy in SPA treatments, massages, bathhouse rituals and procedures. Love for animals determined that a current Roberta’s passion is to improve animals behavior and vitality by applying suitable therapeutic grade essential oils. Traveling is an inseparable part of her active lifestyle, whilst she has a possibility to discover a unique nature, to understand the significance of wellness in different cultures and also shares her own experience with people from around the world.

Ingrida Urbonaite

Ingrida Urbonaite graduated with a degree in Art, Design and Media and minors in Film and communication. During her internship in Paris she had an opportunity to visit lavender fields in Provence and fell in love with the world of essential oils. She lives in London where she finds the balance between a vibrant city and nature with the help of aromatherapy. Having been born in a family passionate about health and well-being no wonder she chose to relate her work to the same values and promotes a healthy lifestyle integrating essential oils into everyday life. Ingrida has gathered a team of young passionate people around Europe to find a better alternative lifestyle.    @ingridaurbo

Fragrant Wishes,