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Aromatherapy for dogs: healthy skin and shiny fur

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By Roberta Bulotaite

Dear dog lover,

yes, I am dedicating this post to You. While writing this blog I will pay special attention to our beloved and loyal friends – DOGS.☺ So grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable (please, just don’t forget your best friend) and get ready to find out about some unique methods how to maintain your dog’s skin and fur healthy using natural therapeutic grade essential oils.

So first of all, let me introduce myself! I am Roberta, physical activity and healthy lifestyle advocate and also a huge dog lover. To be quite honest dogs are my weakness – I cannot pass them by. Aromatherapy and essential oils play a key role in my life. Personal experience and working with different type of people in this sphere have proven that therapeutic grade essential oils have a positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing of people. And you know what??? Surprisingly it works with animals as well! As I am raising my own 11 year old West Highland white terrier who’s name is Tobis, undoubtedly he was fortunate to sense and sniff marvelous scents. The outcome of over 3 years practice applying essential oils for Tobis’ doggy pleasures and health improvements gave me the inspiration for my current passion – aromatherapy for pets, enhancing animals behavior and vitality.

How can aromatherapy improve the condition of my dog skin and fur? What should I do first? What kind of essential oils should I choose? How could I use them? Probably these are the main questions right now in your head. Am I right? The major thing is to look at the whole process with pleasure and be excited about it. Have fun and enjoy the increadable essential oils!

You can start right now the same way I did! For the first aromatherapy bath Tobis had I chose lavender essential oil. While I was washing him, I noticed that his reaction to the scent was positive, he became more tranquil, relaxed, it seemed like he was joyful during the whole bathing process. Moreover, the effect on his skin and fur was remarkable. I believe that You know and have already encountered some skin problems dogs have such as: dermatitis, eczema, flaky skin. At this time Tobis had dermatitis. After the first bathing session it was obvious that the skin was less irritated, cleaner and the dog stopped scratching the damaged areas. When I was washing Tobis, every single time I dropped 2-3 drops lavender* essential oil into a natural shampoo. Looking for a faster recovery I made a natural doggy spray “Healthy skin and fur” (recipe below). I was spraying his coat 3 times per day and I spread lavender* essential oil on the top of the wounds before the night. Finally, after two weeks Tobis’ skin was restored, my lovely dog was joyful and healthy. What gave me the biggest satisfaction was the fact that I achieved these results without any unnatural or synthetics substances (no remedies, no other ointment…)

So now, it’s time to give You some tips and guidance. What kind of essential oils can you use and how to use them for your doggy! If you would like to have your dog’s fur shiny, soft, healthy and smelling beautifully these essential oils will be your best option: rosemary, cypress, lemongrass, lavender and blends Purification*, PuriClean*, RepelAroma*. When having skin problems: dermatitis, eczema, fleas, flaky skin, scabies, fungal skin infections I suggest you choose these essential oils: tea tree, lavender or copaiba. And don’t be afraid, it is really easy to use them: when washing your dog drop 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil into shampoo or just make your own natural shampoo (recipe below) enriched with essential oils (trust me, your dog will love this aromatic shampoo!); after bathing spread on the wet coat; spread essence on dry fur or diffuse essential oils with the doggy sprayer.

Basic recommendation to You (don’t tell your four-legged friend):

  • At first, give a small amount of essential oils for your dog to smell and then if you see he/she like it, Go ahead!

  • Start using a small amount of essential oils, don’t forget the golden rule: less – is more;

  • Remember, that essential oils can not get in to the eyes, nose and ears. If it happens, don’t rinse it with water, don’t get lost, just clean it carefully with vegetable oil.

Recipes for our hairy friends:

“Healthy skin and fur”: 200 ml glass bottle with a sprayer; 200 ml water; essential oils: 12 drops lavender*, 5 drops tea tree* and 2 drops lemongrass*.

“Aromatherapy dog shampoo”: 340 ml glass bottle; 15 ml natural shampoo; essential oils: 8 drops lavender*, 4 drops lemongrass*, 2 drops rosemary*, 4 drops orange*.

Well, what do you think? Do you feel how great it is going to be to start journey through aroma world? Trust me, not only your dog will adore it… but You will as well! Now it’s time for practice!

Wish you both pleasant walks and of course – aromatic bathing time!

P.S. recently Tobis‘ doggy bathing time is full of happiness, tail wagging and summer scents… we are using orange* and lemongrass* essential oils to boost emotional awareness and keep the fur shiny and healthy.

Wish you aromatic and joyful expereinces!


*Therapeutic grade essential oils by Young Living.

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