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AROMA FACE FITNESS is an entirely new direction of natural rejuvenation in the field of face, neck and décolleté care.

The rejuvenation method we have developed is a combination of FACE FITNESS exercises and the magical and profound effects of essential oils. This unique workout program is the fruit of years of experience in face fitness plus an in-depth knowledge of the personalised practice of using Young Living's therapeutic-grade essential oils.

This wellness practise gives visible results immediately after just the first few sessions.

The results you can expect after 1, 3, 6, 9 months of training (depending on your age, your skin and muscle tone) are:

  • improving facial and neck muscle tone

  • a reduction of fatigue and stress wrinkles

  • a reduction of double chin

  • a reduction of neck wrinkles

  • smoothing of wrinkles around the lips

  • reducing the severity of the nasolabial fold

  • smoothing "crow's feet" away

  • an elimination of puffiness under the eyes

  • lifting of the upper eyelid

  • a smoothing of mimic wrinkles on the forehead in the glabellar space

  • tightening the oval of the face

  • improving skin elasticity

  • improvement of overall complexion

  • a reduction of skin problems: weakness of blood vessels and inflammations

  • a general reduction of skin problems: removal of vascular weakness and inflammation 

  • skin color improvement: brighter and more radiant face and eyes

And as additional bonuses - the restoration of vision and an improvement in your hair condition.

The creator of the AROMA FACE FITNESS course is Tatjana Semenov.

Tatiana is an aroma mother of 4, a Certified Specialist in face fitness and aesthetic facial taping and student of the founder of French aromatherapy, Dr Daniel Penoel.

Tatiana (@aromatania) is the author of a unique methodology for AROMA FACE FITNESS. The organizer of women's meetings, marathons and training programs on AROMA FACE FITNESS in France (Paris) and other European countries.

Join us for classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

If you are interested in this course, please email to register at: :


P.S. The AROMA FACE FITNESS training groups are international - you don not need to speak French in order to understand and perform the exercises Tanya demonstrates, it is enough to follow movements, enjoy this practice and love the French during our meetings :) 

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Anna Maria - holistic coach, olfactotherapist, aromatologist, aromatherapist of the French School of Integrative Aromatherapy (Paris), specialist in micronutrition, aromatherapy, psychology of interpersonal communication, teacher and consultant.  Founder of the online school for integrative aromatherapy "Aromatherapy Institute".

Transformational Aromapsychology,

Olfactotherapy and Aromadiagnostics Course 

With Certificate of training from the Paris Institute of Aromatherapy 


This course is an author's system of aroma-psychological support for unlocking potential, resources, achieving goals, elaborating emotions, traumatic events, limiting scenarios and beliefs through the use of a set of specific techniques and tools based on olfactotherapy, hypnotherapy and psychology. 


It is not only about knowledge on the oils and algorithms for working with them, but it is also about knowledge and tools for the psycho-emotional support of you and your customers. 


The Big Course of Transformational Aromapsychology and Olfactotherapy is unique in combining the methods of Olfactotherapy of two main French schools (France is the motherland of Olfactotherapy), the methods of psycho-emotional accompaniment for rapid transformation, and also, if desired, the Aromadiagnosis (testing) module using essential oils. 


The training is aimed not only at professional activities, but also at deep personal work, as the course provides for theory, practice, and work on your own personal growth. 


In the course you will learn: 


Detailed review of essential oils in olfactotherapy 

How to build sessions with clients 

Rules of subconscious mind and working with emotions 

How to work with limiting beliefs 

How to encourage your clients for success 

How to keep an emotional resource 

Principles of olfacotherapy and aromatic psychology 

Principles of the selection of therapeutic scents for the client and the preparation of therapeutic "perfumes" 

Use of essential oils for psycho-emotional accompaniment 

The principle of work in certain situations (breakup, loss of loved ones, depression, stress) 

How to regulate the psycho-emotional state 

How to use Olfactory hypnosis and aroma programming 

How to use Olfactive self-hypnosis 

How to lead customers to success 

How to build your marketing strategy for successful practice 


Upon completing the course, you will receive a diploma from the Transformational Aromatherapy and Olfactotherapy Practitioner of a certified training institution in France with the possibility of professional activity in Europe.

If you are interested in this course please contact -

Aromatherapy and Micronutrition Course

With Certificate of training from the Paris Institute of Aromatherapy 

The program combines scientific and medical French aromatherapy and micronutrition (Functional and Nutritional Medicine). 


This is confirmed information from scientific sources, this is also several years of work to be able to give all participants the opportunity to understand not only the basics, but also get the hang of this topic. 


Protocols, questionnaires, training and support platform, 17 video lectures, book, teaching materials, teacher feedback. 


This course is not a list of recipes, but specific knowledge and tools with the help of which you will be able create recipes and you will clearly know why! 


What will you figure out? 


Scientific aromatherapy - Chemistry of essential oils and their mechanism of action, specificity of testing and forgery, directions and applications 

Micronutrition - The basics of nutritional and functional medicine: what, why, when and how? 


Support protocols in Aromatherapy, micronutrition and nutrition: 


Digestive system 

Metabolism and energy 

Body cleansing and detox 

Oxidative stress: fatigue, aging. 

Immune system (autoimmune diseases, allergies) 

Nervous system (stress, depression, sleep) 

Musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, spinal problems, etc.) 

Sugar metabolism (diabetes, insulin resistance) 

Cardiovascular system 

Hormonal system and thyroid gland 

Pregnancy and conception 


Veterinary use of oils 

Aromatherapy in cosmetology (skin, hair, beauty) 

Aromatherapy in everyday life. 


What do you get? 


The access to a closed professional training site and unique program that has no analogues. 

A rhythm which is convenient for you - when and how you feel comfortable. 

Teacher's feedback. 

If you are interested in this course please contact -


Anna Maria - holistic coach, olfactotherapist, aromatologist, aromatherapist of the French School of Integrative Aromatherapy (Paris), specialist in micronutrition, aromatherapy, psychology of interpersonal communication, teacher and consultant.  Founder of the online school for integrative aromatherapy "Aromatherapy Institute".

Learn and Enjoy,