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Inspirational Events!

Most of us spend our days and nights indoors under artificial lights and pressure of screaming city noise constantly missing the connection with nature.


The wind on our faces, the smell of plants and trees, the vision of stars across the night sky apparently became the missing part and unattainable luxury in our lives.


Visiting Young Living farms around the globe - is an AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL way to fill in the lacking presence of NATURE and INTERCONNECTEDNESS with OUR PLANET.

We CONNECT people to each other and the land as we ENCOURAGE YOU to come with us to corporate-owned or partner farms throughout the world to PLANT, HARVEST, and DISTILL aromatic PLANTS so you can take part in the life cycle of essential oil production and to FALL IN LOVE WITH most luxury work of MOTHER NATURE.

We also encourage you to share and to get connected participating in our events, symposiums and online workshops.

“Change is a door that can only be opened from inside.”

Terry Neill

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